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Patterns of Diction in Jane Austen's Major Novels


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on quitting their box at Astley's, my brother took charge of Mrs. John Knightley and little John, and he followed with Miss Smith and Henry; and that at one time they were in such a crowd, as to make Miss Smith rather uneasy."
her to look up and smile;
she had accepted him;
what he was now to do. He knew of no one but Mrs. Goddard to whom he could apply for information of her relations or friends. Could I mention any thing more fit to be done, than to go to Mrs. Goddard?
he would endeavour to see her in the course of this day."
James's being gone out to put the horses to, preparatory to their now daily drive to Randalls;
the comfortable persuasion of his being obliged to go to Randalls every day, or poor Mrs. Weston would be disappointed.
his own Jane,
to give her all my aunt's jewels. They are to be new set.
commended her very much for thinking of sending for Perry, and only
she had not done it.
when once the event were over, his distress would be soon over too,
While either of them protected him and his, Hartfield was safe.—